mamas again……….

I know by now you may be thinking why  women agaaaaiiin!Well, let me explain why we are on the  women conversation again.

We started on women in banking and finance who are purported to be unmarried  career women and redefined them to mothers, professionals and amazing wives.

We then explored on how our moms are key in financial literacy through their tutelage.

ooh!And how could I forget the amazing feature on our hidden figures with a motivational feminine drive .

And just so we are clear i am not a radical feminist, i just believe women have a platform in financial matters which prompted me to share on the African doyenne with a little history on how our banking sectors denied us our financial rights.

With all these dynamics from her career,family and society she has to learn how to negotiate all these key areas in her life:And so in wrapping up The MayMomSeries I’d love to explore on how women  should navigate on their work life balance.

How does this 3 in 1 woman ensure she is at a good space despite having all these roles ?How can she achieve an  ideal work life balance?How does she not lose herself in the process of meeting all these obligations?

Well to begin with, she is often given the message that she can’t have it all!Or she can have it all; just not at the same time.Sandy Cimoroni,chair of the bank’s Women Investor Program, says women have a tendency to be tough on themselves, and to want to be successes both at home and at work.But she says there never is an ideal work life balance because the balance is always shifting depending on our place in life.

The younger her wants to achieve so much such that she cannot afford any breaks be it in her career or business.If she is over ambitious, society will warn her on high  chances of not getting married and if she creates time for her emotional life then she is a basic employee or business woman with just `average’ goals.

The older version of her is either a successful spinster or a  burnt-out working  mom facing the “the motherhood gap.” It is important to note that career breaks related to childcare are found to generate a 3% wage penalty per year of absence that persist for the rest of their careers.There are  trade-offs every time moms take career breaks ,they fear losing  income power or saving power in some cases, in that time of the break.

This harsh reality awakens us to the urge of finding balance in our work,family and social life.Success and advancement mean different things to different women,for some success is equated with achieving traditional career goals, such as executive appointments, while for others, it means having flexibility to spend time with family, or being able to start a business on their own.All these perspectives are right depending  on our place in life.

So how do we navigate through our imbalances  or rather different places in our lives?

Well to achieve this equilibrium there is a need to prepare that possibility  financially.Allow me to take you through some simple possible steps on how we can achieve this coveted balance;

#Communicate your aspirations with clarity.

Define and revise both your family and career aspirations. Communicate your aspirations to your organization or network, as well as your family.

#Be financially prepared for the unexpected.

Plan for an emergency before an emergency happens.

#Understand the trade-offs of a career break.
Consider long-term financial and skills implications when making the decision to opt out of the labour market.

#Rethink guilt.
Focus on the positive, long-term benefits and outcome of a career.Be aware of the self-imposed obstacles that could be holding you back.Your future self will thank you later.

#Network, network, network!
Think carefully, creatively and strategically about how you develop and maintain your networks.

#Think about your legacy. 
Identify your legacy early and revisit it often. Use your plan as a guide to achieving your goals.

As your life changes, your priorities change, so it’s all about reprioritizing and making shifts to your focus.



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