Hey magnates ,I hope you enjoyed the mom’s post last Wednesday. Well this week we shall dive deep into that conversation and talk about our hidden figures.Considering that I am a financial blogger you may be inclined to think that I will talk about figures like the hidden costs that our financial institutions never disclose until we are their customers that’s when we get to discover. My advice to us is to do a due diligence on any financial product before making any commitment.

Allow me to digress and get the agenda home figuratively by engaging in our hidden figures inspired by the movie Hidden figures.My definition of hidden figures are women who have exceptionally outdone themselves and made greater social investment to our communities be it through their action, contributions or life achievements that inspire generations around them.

So who are my 3 great picks and why? Lets find out,shall we?

rebeccaMeet my first pick  Rebecca Lolosoli.She is the founder of  this unique all-woman village in Umoja Village in Samburu, Kenya. Rebecca made it her life’s mission to rescue girls from forced early marriages and female genital mutilation. She has received considerable international acclaim and  a GR8! Women Award  from Vital Voices in Washington, D.C.After she was beaten for speaking up for victims of rape,she continues to fight for women and their right to make decisions and own land and businesses. The Washington post  continues to describe her as  a charismatic and self-assured woman with a crown of puffy dark hair, who decided no men would be allowed to live in their circular village of mud-and-dung huts.The village supports women who have been tortured, beaten and raped. They also help to raise children who have been abandoned or orphaned. Women in this village have become liberated, empowered and their capacities built. They are now socially and economically independent and make decisions on matters that affect them directly. They have learnt how to appreciate their womanhood.

The  Daily Mail  and  BBC News led me to this next amazing hidden figure ,the brave heart Hyvon Ngetich a 29-year-old who came third at the 2015 Austin Marathon and Half Marathon by crawling on her hands and knees across the finish line.


As I watched that video I could not help but feel the triumph of human spirit.This bravery act reminded me of that cliché success tip that you need to go that extra mile ! well I redefine it to sometimes you will have to crawl that extra mile be it in you business ,career ,passion or life in general.

She may have chosen to get comfortable and just accepted help from the medics or simply sat on that tempting wheelchair inches behind her, but no our brave heart chose not to. I can’t help but see that vibe of staying out of your comfort zone and never getting comfortable all over this picture.So you may take your business proposal and presentations to over a  1,000 investors or potential financiers but get reject feedbacks instead , never get comfortable keep trying , keep changing your business strategies and models, if need be crawl!lucy

Crowing my article is the Australia’s first black African member of federal parliament from Kenya ,Lucy Gichuhi.She grew up barefoot on a subsistence farm in rural Kenya and dreamed of making something of her life. At 54, Lucy Gichuhi is South Australia’s new accidental politician whose move to Canberra as an independent has made her the toast of Kenya.Lucy’s electroral journey has not been smooth either ,she has faced citizenship issues that have challenged her eligibility.With a background in accounting, I must say ,Lucy’s vision is to use her commerce and legal skills to foster economic stability,freedom and ultimately financial independence.she carries her financial expertise to drive development in South Australia.`I am so humbled to give that hope because that African girl is still there, that was my life in Kenya,’ she said in an interview.Many have dubbed her  as the New Obama!

One common thing with these women is their social investment ,are you investing in the communities around you?Well i may be a little biased on choosing women but hey this month was dedicated to mamas who drive change not only in the banking and financial sectors but life  in general.So as we busy making our businesses prosper ,company profits break even or our career achievements lets not forget to invest in  communities around us.One of the  greatest drive in development is social empowerment;be it economically or lavishly pursing our passion.

Social investment and  social capital is key in any intentional societal development.



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