Frugal up………

frugWith the hard economic times that require prudent financial  decisions the only way is to frugal up.Are you a frugal or a lavish ? Is it really the harsh economic times or are you just not adjusting?Well we shall engage more on this conversation but for now ,Hello magnates!

So by now you must be wondering what exactly is a frugal.Well dont panic ,i got your back.  A frugal is a person who lives simply and economically,makes sense now right?

Undeniably we are experiencing harsh economic times especially in Kenya where studies by The Kenya National Bureau of Statistics   shows an incresase of inflation rates  as of march 2017 to 10.8% from 6.99% in the same year of January .So how do we surf through this harsh tides and make it?Well the math is simple change with the economic times.

You ask how?Well let me take you through these simple steps on how to frugal up:

  • Don’t  spend the same way you did a financial year ago .You need to have a frugal mindset for you to surf through and if not  you will definitely sink in debts and financial crisis.
  • Take advantage of major sale offers or discounts like black friday,back to school and holidays offers .This could save you a few bucks .Beware  small leaks  can sink a ship.
  • Make sure your savings are in a bank that doesn’t have a wide coverage or may be difficult to access the ATM since this will restricted your withdrawals.Never open a savings account in a bank with a door-step ATM or Agent because you will  spend all your savings.
  • Dont buy on payday .Most times we are extravagant on payday in things that we didn’t even  need just because its payday.Clearly distinguish your needs from your wants by financing your needs as a primary priority and your wants on disposable income.
  • Self review and evaluation.I am pretty sure you have read on` have a budget tip’ on every financial article and I hope you actually have one.If not kindly get one ASAP!After getting that budget which is just a simple breakdown of money in and money out evaluate on where you take your money and if  was it necessary to take it there.Review on your money in and ways of creating more money in.

With such deliberate financial moves you will definitely be a frugal who can survive the dynamic economic times.

So our take home for the day in our frugal starter pack is;

  1. Dont have a rigid spend plan
  2. Take advantage of discounts and sale offers
  3. Quarantine your savings accounts.
  4. Dont buy on pay-day
  5. self review and evaluation.

And its a  wrap from me magnates!Its been your girl zedthefinacialist.

Happy Easter holidays!



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