What financial moves will you make before the year ends: Here are 5 financial tips to guide you.

1.Have a meeting with yourself Take time with yourself to analyze how the year has been for in general and financially. Go through your 2018 financial goals and evaluate how you faired. Did you achieve them? If yes then we are popping champagne for you, honey! If not, then why? What better can do in... Continue Reading →


Thinking of preparing your financial vision board? Here’s how to make one

Happy Holidays! I know we are slowly getting into the festive season but just as companies as doing end of year financial reporting and closing the books and having strategy meetings for 2019. So should we! I am one of the perks of being a subscriber to my blog is the fact that you are... Continue Reading →

International Fraud Awareness Campaign: 8 Top Takeaways that can prevent you from fraud.

November 2018 has been the host of numerous campaigns but most importantly fraud awareness campaign that was recognized globally. Zed the financialist partnered with the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners @ACFE as an official 2018 supporting organization in a a global initiative to raise awareness about fraud prevention and anti-fraud education. In a fast-paced technological environment... Continue Reading →

Fraud in small businesses;top ways to detection and prevention

The impact of economic crimes/fraud goes beyond financial loss as it takes a social and humanitarian toll on the lives it touches. It goes beyond Kenya losing over 17 billion to corruption over half a year to how much that money would have impacted a community around you. The total loss caused exceeded USD 7.1 billion,... Continue Reading →

Tax-free savings plan. Can you save and legally avoid taxes simultaneously?

Well, yes you can! The last post on savings and today we are talking about savings that are tax relief meaning does not tax on a part of your income based on a saving commitment you have incurred. So despite the current move by the government net to tax financial services thereby increasing the service cot that eats... Continue Reading →

Chama saving: how can you make the best of a savings group.

Did you know that the rise of the informal financial sector specifically savings started with chamas proudly pioneered by women?  Most of us millennials can remember how our moms met over a simple tea gathering where they would make their contributions and discuss on investment plans. Chamas have given women their financial independence and stability... Continue Reading →

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