Is efficient management of public education funding the answer to inclusive communities?

“Inclusive communities” is simply a community without boundaries where people take care of each other regardless of their differences.” One of the basic and primary needs of humans is to have a sense of belonging. We all have a longing and desire to feel like people want us around. According to famous Psychologist Abraham Maslow, […]

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How you can manage your HELB education loan.

Did you know that HELB gives a grace period of one year after of completion of studies whether you graduated or not,are employed or not the loan will start accruing interest after the 1 year grace period has elapsed?here are a few stepson how you can manage your loan.

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Will you be my valentines?

Truth is valentines is just valentines day until businesses, companies and industry players decide it’s not.The producers, service providers, and business leaders use the thrill, hype, and mania to influence our consumption, spending, and purchase.

And in turn, we as consumers connect quickly to a brand when it emotionally speaks to our needs and desires.

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Emotional currency: How Money Affects Millennials’ Love Lives.

Have you ever had the wild thought of investing or saving with your significant other?And wondered what are the dynamics?Or even simply starting the bae money talk?A believer of richer together in you love life?Join us this February every Wednesday as we engage on joint investments,joint accounts and most importantly when to share financial information on different love stages.

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