Why personal finance is important for your personal development.

With so many financial /money products being innovated daily especially in sub-Saharan Africa from Loan apps like Tala ,Branch,Fuliza we are currently being bombarded and swamped with a lot of products that are making it hard for sound decision making .#GlobalMoneyWeek


Goal 17 #Partnership for Global goals For Financial Literacy Awareness.

The SDGs can only be realized with a strong commitment to global partnership and cooperation which builds around the focus for the blog to Goal 10 #reduce inequalities , Goal 4 #Quality Education which specifically focuses on inclusive education where we teach students about money skills and finally Goal 1 #No Poverty. Partnering with key... Continue Reading →

Are you Planning on Living Abroad? Here’s An Ultimate Money Guide For You.

Nearly 3/4 (74%) of expats/people who move abroad globally find at least one aspect of managing money abroad a challenge. Nearly 2 in 5 (37%) people who move abroad/expats identify managing finances in different currencies as a key challenge — the most common financial problem faced. 1. Get Global with your money access. Get to... Continue Reading →

Are You Ready To Move Out? 5 Financial Tips To Guide You.

Whether you are looking to move out for the first time, relocating,upgrading to a better place, moving closer to your workplace or getting married depending on the stage of life you are in moving out is a conversation that you are most likely to have. Freedom or comfort over Finacial responsibilities what's your pick? Well... Continue Reading →

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