Tax Season 2019: 5  New Tax policies You Need To Know from the 2019/2020 National Budget Statement.

The Budget Statement for the FY 2019/20 was read on 13 June 2019 by the Cabinet Secretary for the National Treasury. The theme for this year’s Budget Statement is: Creating Jobs, Transforming Lives – Harnessing the “Big Four” Plan. In Kenya,unlike the norm where the Budget and the finance bill are released simultaneously, this year it... Continue Reading →

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5 Signs That Indicate Employees Are Suffering From Financial Stress.

Heads up,Employees! Your boss may be watching you. Many employers are concerning themselves with employees’ financial wellness far more these days than they used to, going beyond simply providing a retirement plan and/or health care benefits and offering a number of workplace assists. According to consulting firm Aon Hewitt, these can be in such areas... Continue Reading →

Time for a Checkup: Indicators of Financial Wellness.

1.Income Vs consumption measuresWhat’s you measure when it comes to income vs consumption?Are you consuming more than you are earning?If yes,then this is a clear indication that you are financially unwell. With that in mind,these  are proxies for financial status such as net worth, net worth related to life expectancy, housing adequacy, nutrition adequacy, availability... Continue Reading →

Finances & Mental Wellness: 5 Ways To Overcome Financially Caused Mental Problems.

1 in 4 of us will experience a mental health condition in any year, so this is not a niche problem: it should be core business.  One of the major causes of mental illness is financial strife. How do we overcome financial related mental problems;  1.Know your money personality.Who are you really, when it comes... Continue Reading →

5 Things No one Told you about protecting your online payments.

Love online shopping? You’re not the only one. The convenience....Better prices. ..More variety. ...You can send gifts more easily. ...More control. ...Easy price comparisons. ...No crowds. ..No pressure.The list is endless. Consumer trends have really changed in terms of how we are purchasing globally .From Amazon to ebay ,Jumia to social media purchases, it's no... Continue Reading →

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