What makes a city smart?

Smart initiatives change the way we as its residents interact with urban issues and have the potential to change the ways in which we can voice our concerns about public service delivery. 

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Sustainable cities 

With construction underway for the ksh 20bn tallest building in Africa located at Upper Hill, Nairobi is set to be the new urban hub. The Pinnacle mixed – use twin development skyscraper will surpass the current Johannesburg’s tallest building in Africa  upon completion by December 2019.

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My Little Thing

Whether you are the CEO or just an employee, are you proud of what you make? It is you in the end that decides what you make and how you make it.It is me and you as a consumer who decides what products we shall buy! Most importantly it’s you and me when we are rich enough as shareholders decide what we shall invest in and ultimately it’s us as citizens who decide what policies in future we will refuse or push for.

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The Green economy

Following the ruling by The High Court of Kenya to effect the Plastic bag ban this September, one question we are all asking is “can we afford this?”Starting from organizations, businesses, vendors down to the citizens what is our transition plan?

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